RRPP COMUNICACION POLITICA 1= Bridging Two … RPT – Political Marketing


1= Bridging Two Schools of Thought: Applications of Public Relations Theory to Political Marketing.

 By: Kiousis, Spiro; Mitrook, Michael; Stromback, Jesper. Conference Papers — International Communication Association, 2006 Annual Meeting, p1-20, 20p;






 skiousis@jou.ufl.edu , mmitrook@jou.ufl.edu , jesper.stromback@miun.se


The use of public relations strategies and tactics are ubiquitous in many areas of political communication. This is especially evident when considering the emerging field of political marketing. Despite the growing influence of public relations, however, little application of public relations theory and research has been integrated into the study of political marketing processes. Thus, this work seeks to bridge two schools of thought and to identify some of the major conceptual perspectives from public relations theory that can be used to better understand and analyze the dynamics of political marketing processes. Specifically, the key perspectives include relationship theory, contingency theory, situational theory of publics and agenda-building theory. It is reasoned that political marketing and public relations are closely related, and that political marketing both as a professional practice and as an academic field of research hardly can do without making use of public relations strategies, techniques, and an integration of public relations theory and research. ..PAT.-Conference Proceeding [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]



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