1= Policy or Politics? A Study of the Priming of the Media Frames 2= The media and leadership


1=  Policy or Politics? A Study of the Priming of the Media Frames of the President in the Public Mind.

The article presents a study of the priming of the media frames of the president in the public mind. One may note that the idea of priming is based on accessibility of knowledge, a psychological concept, determined by frequency or recency of the previous activation of the knowledge. Since the concept of frequency and recency is quantitative, media analysis in previous priming studies has mainly delved into quantifying the news coverage of specific issues rather than going through the content of the news coverage of the issues.

 By: Ju, Youngkee. Conference Papers — International Communication Association, 2005 Annual Meeting, New York, NY, p1-27, 27p, 6 chartsyjgcf@mizzou.edu



2 = The media and leadership: An exploratory study of Howard and Costello.

 By: Tanner, Stephen. Pacific Journalism Review, Apr2008, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p115-130, 16p, 6 charts;


This article explores the proposition that the Australian federal Press Gallery operates as a pack and, as such, engages in feeding frenzies when presented with a major story. It uses framing analysis to argue that while the gallery can act as a Pack, even when the journalists have to work independently to obtain the background needed for a story, this does not mean that a feeding frenzy takes place. In fact it argues that Gallery journalists can act as ‘wise heads’ and potentially calm an issue down, rather than beat it up for their own purposes. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]




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